Welcome to 1egg1world. We are 3 chickens (and three human friends) out to prove that even the smallest things can make a difference in this world. Starting with just one egg, our goal is to ‘trade up’ to $1 Million for
charity. After just 14 trades we now have a record breaking $50,001 and we’re on the lookout
for our next big trade
offer us a trade
follow us on what is
one hell of a journey!


$50,001 Cash from Ritchies IGA traded for the Toilet Paper!!

Yes, 60,000 rolls is lot of toilet paper and there were some nervous moments but we're excited to announce our next and record breaking trade! Ritchies IGA have offered to sell our Who Gives A Crap Toilet paper, which will take us to $50,001, the highest anyone has ever traded up to, but this trade needs your support. Get down to your local Ritchies and buy some 1egg TP!!!

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