Trading Up for Charity

Bartering to one million dollars

We chickens are so proud, for, as of today 1egg1world has made it into the public scope, scoring an article in the Mordialloc-Chelsea Leader.

It was great to see both Loco and Hot Box representing the team, along with those crazy
kids Cj and Josh. For those who missed the article, this is how it turned out.

Trading up for charity

Hatching a plan to raise $1 million

Author: Wes Hosking

THREE Parkdale chooks have taken on the role of charity crusaders in an ambitious project to raise $1million.

The first egg from one of the birds, owned by university students Josh O’Meara and Chris Wright, has started a trading chain for charity.

At present the students have $100 and an optical zoom camera to swap.

Mr. O’Meara, 22, said the internet-driven project based on an idea by Canadian Kyle MacDonald, who eventually traded a house from one red paperclip.

The pair’s Facebook page has more than 530 friends.

“It’s all a bit quirky, “he said.

“Every time we make trades we bring them with us.  They are the ones marking the trades.”

The egg was initially traded for a Coneheads soundtrack. The CD was swapped for a boggle, the boggle for a Lonely Planets guide, the book for a camera and an Islamic alarm clock, the clock was traded for a 1988 Toyota Camry.  The car was sold to the wreckers for $100.

Money raised will go to low-profile charities.  The pair is organising a March 1 garage sale to raise extra money and are calling for items to be donated.