Some thought our previous trade was the end of 1egg1world. Afterall, what is one to do with 60,000 rolls of toilet paper? But we knew – This isn’t just any toilet paper – This is Who Gives A Crap. Going forth boldly we made the trade swapping our $30,000 for the 60,000 rolls, when it dawned on us, this is actually quite a lot of Toilet Paper. It was by far the biggest trade we have ever made in size and weight and length. Whilst impressive we also knew that if we didn’t find a tradee ASAP it was going to cost us a fortune to store. So we had a deadline of about 8 weeks to find a trade (accounting for the time the TP arrived in OZ and the month Who Gives A Crap offered their warehouse space). Firstly, we approached the media and surely once word spread of the Who Gives a Crap bounty – willing participants would come knocking on our door. Media came and went and still no trade offers. After a month we realised we needed to approach potential tradees directly. Our toilet paper arrived, still nothing. Another month passed and we got little more than a few replies ‘great concept, good luck.’ Luck it seemed, was exactly what we needed as things were getting quite dire indeed. Regularly awoken by 3am sweats and big questions running through the brain like trains such as ‘where to store over 60 pallets of TP? How many would fit at the folks place? I wonder if we could make these pallets waterproof? To fold or scrunch?’ Some of life’s big questions that we all most overcome at some point in time, out sanity it seemed was at stake. Just on the brink of all hope lost, we received an email from Jarrod. Oh Jarrod, we love you, did you know. Jarrod is a fine man we met in a previous trade when Ritchies Supermarkets took our vast quantities of eggs. We had some hope that Ritchies might be able to save us once again, but after a month, many emails and no dice we’d well and truly written this off as a possibility. Turns out Jarrod had been on long-service leave for a month (aka some sort of sick joke to test our mettle), so our timing was impeccably bad, well at least initially, but he had returned and liked what Who Gives A Crap were all about. He decided the three groups should meet to discuss world domination one toilet roll at a time. So we did and we were thrilled (relieved) that Ritchies would help us sell the 60,000 rolls of toilet paper. Finchy thinks what got Jarrod over the line was his impressed football skills (using TP rolls), but I think it’s just because Jarrod is a good bloke and Ritchies a great company.

This trade needs your support though. If it doesn’t sell we’ll be once again be stuck with the TP, but we’re confident it will go really well and help us reach $50,001 – the highest anyone has ever traded up to! So from here forth we will be breaking new territory and hopefully a trade in the near future will be out of this world (Richard Branson wink wink).

We’re really excited to be collaborating with Who Gives A Crap and Ritchies for this trade. Both are fine Social Enterprises.

Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to building toilets in the developing world. Their TP is 100% recycled and free of chemicals and other nasties.

Ritchies IGA is a supermarket that originated in Frankston. Their motto is ‘Where the Community Benefits’ reflecting the fact that through their sales they have donated close to $50million to community groups and charities. They have 60 stores along the East Coast of Australia and are currently selling a really good product called Who Gives A Crap.

1egg1world is a fun-fundraising initiative started by me and 2 mates with the goal of raising $1million for 3 charities through trading-up. 1egg1world is 100% volunteer and we hope that our success in reaching our ambitious goal shows the world that even the smallest things can make a difference.

Get behind this trade and head to Ritchies to buy our Toilet Paper and help keep the good times ROLLING! (sorry had to close with a pun).

Started with a single chicken egg
1. We traded this for a Coneheads Soundtrack (CD)
2. We traded the CD for a Boggle (Board Game)
3. We then traded for a Lonely Planet Guide to Europe
4. This was traded for a Camera and an Islamic Alarm Clock
5. These were then traded for a 1988 Toyota Camry, which we eventually took to the wreckers and got $500
6. With the $500 we got a Signed Sir Donald Bradman Cricket Bat.
7. Which we traded for a $2,200 cheque.
8. With the cheque we secured an African Safari for two (flights included)
9. Archibald winning artist Craig Ruddy took the Safari in return we got a Portrait of Cathy Freeman.
10. This went to auction and fetched $20,000
11. With the $20,000 we traded for 100,000 free range eggs.
12. Ritchies supermarkets took the eggs and we got $30,000
13. $30,000 for 60,000 Who Gives A Crap toilet Paper
14. Ritchies supermarkets offer $50,001 but this trade NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!