A huge thanks to Toby Prime and Therese Allaoui from the Leader for this terrific article. It was so popular that the Geelong Advertiser also agreed to run the story!

Geelong-born 1egg1world trade-up turns chicken egg into 60,000 toilet rolls

Social Enterprise One egg one world

AMBITIOUS Geelong-born project 1egg1world has turned a humble chicken egg into 60,000 toilet rolls.

Three friends — Josh O’Meara, Christopher Wright and Andrew Fincher — have achieved the feat over more than a dozen trades as they try and turn the egg into $1 million.

The trio, who created the unique initiative about four years ago, have traded the creatively branded Who Gives a Crap rolls to Ritchies IGA supermarket, who are selling them across the state.

If they all sell, 1egg1world will pocket $50,001.

If the project reaches its $1 million milestone, the cash will be spread among three Victorian charities: OrphFund, Moringa Project and Cool Australia.

Social Enterprise

Who Gives a Crap toilet paper donates profits overseas to build toilets in developing countries.

It started back in 2012, when the three Deakin University Geelong architecture students were able to trade the egg for a prized copy of the soundtrack to 1993 movie Coneheads.

From there the threesome steadily traded upwards, with items such as a 1988 Toyota Camry and signed Sir Donald Bradman cricket bat passing through their hands.

Mr O’Meara said the trading became serious when the group attracted a portrait of Cathy Freeman, painted by Australian artist Craig Ruddy, which they sold at auction for $20,000.

the cunning entrepreneurs didn’t take their eyes off the $1 million prize and — realising 60,000 rolls of toilet paper might be a hard sell — came up with 100 alternative uses, which even included jousting …

The move attracted interest, most importantly from IGA.

Mr O’Meara said the trio were now looking for someone to come forward and offer something up for the cash.

“If the toilet paper sells and we get our $50,001, we have a few big ideas but would also like for people to approach us with offers,” Mr O’Meara said.

The trio could potentially be just a few trades away from offering a flight to space on Virgin Galactic after contacting Sir Richard Branson’s personal assistant.

Mr O’Meara said the flights would be worth about $250,000.

“If we were to get a flight to space, that could become world news and then you have a lot of people seeing it and wanting to be a part of it,” he said.

The 60,000 toilet rolls are on sale at Ritchies IGA stores across the state. Half the profits will help fund sanitation projects in developing countries.

The trades so far:
1. One egg in exchange for the CD soundtrack to 1993 movie Coneheads
2. Coneheadsfor a Boggle boardgame
4. Boggle for a Lonely Planet Guide to Europe book
5. Lonely Planet for an Olympus Camera and alarm clock
6. Camera and clock for a 1988 Toyota Camry, sold for $500
7. $500 for a signed Sir Don Bradman cricket bat
8. Sir Don’s bat for a $2200 cheque
9. $2.2k for an African safari for two, including flights
10. Safari for a Craig Ruddy portrait of Cathy Freeman
11. Painting for $20,000 cash
12. $20k cash for 100,000 chicken eggs
13. 100,000 eggs for $30,000 cash
14. 60,000 toilet rolls for $50,001 cash?