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Charity project on a roll as nest egg grows

JOSH O’Meara needs your help to relieve himself of 60,000 toilet rolls.

In 2012, with a single egg, Mr O’Meara, of Parkdale, started a small project with some mates to see how far they could “trade up.”

The 1egg1world project which aims to raise $1 million for three charities – quickly gained momentum, with trades including a 1988 Toyota Camry, an African safari for two and a portrait of Cathy Freeman by Archibald Prize winner Craig Ruddy.

The most recent trade is 60,000 rolls of Who Gives A Crap toilet paper that was taken by Ritchies IGA. If they sell them the project receives $50,001.

Half the profit from the toilet paper sales will help sanitation projects in developing countries.

“If the toilet paper sells and we get our $50,001, we have a few big ideas but would also like for people to approach us with offers.” Mr O’Meara said.