Whose who of the Coop

Our goal is simple - to start with one single chicken egg and to ‘trade up’/swap/barter to $1million, which will be donated to three charities we love.

1egg1world was started by us three chickens – Trevi, Loco and Hotbox. We didn’t have much to offer but we knew that we wanted to make a difference.  All we had was our first egg and one big idea.


Chicken Charity who love Trains

Dancing Disco Chicken Hen

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The 1egg1world Plan


We decided to raise money for three areas we care most about; The Environment, Poverty & Education and Health. So we chose charities based on these fields. But we knew we could not do this alone. We need to make heaps of friends! We discovered that our friends often have things they no longer need but who could resist Chuck Dickens (our first ever egg) and so the Trading Up begun and we are on our way to raise our $1million goal.

Whilst Chooken is more widely spoken then Human, we realised from the outset that for this to succeed would require some human participation. To create the conduit between us chooks and our human friends we enlisted the help of three disgustingly good looking male specimens. This was another one of our strokes of genius as was with our brains and their irresistible good looks, who could possibly resist the charm of 1egg1world.

Social Enterprise 1egg1world


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We were also tired of people not taking us seriously so we wanted to also do this for the little guys, the underdogs, those who have no voice, who are ignored, who are not taken seriously. This is for you. We are out to prove that even the smallest things can make a difference!

If fascinated about us Chookens (most people are) you can click here to find out even more about how we grew up and how we met the boys, got our names and started 1egg1world.