Hatching Bright Ideas

Trading Up for Charity 1egg1world
It started with something as small as an egg but now an African safari is on charity’s list

Charity / Dimity Barber

It was a chicken, not a goose, that laid the golden egg for Parkdale’s Josh O’Meara and Brighton’s Chris Wright.

Last year the university mates, together with Hawthorn’s Andrew Fincher, came up with a crackling plan to turn an egg from their pet chook Hotbox into $1 million.

Internet charity trading chain, 1egg1world was born to support low profile charities EarinfoNet, Cool Australia and Orphfund.

The egg was swapped for a Coneheads soundtrack, which was traded for word game Boggle that was switched for a Lonely Planets guide, exchanged for a camera and Islamic alarm clock, and traded for a 1988 Toyota Camry. More than a year later, the egg has now hatched into an African safari.

Mr. O’Meara said the flights and 14-day safari to Kenya and Uganda was valued at about $10,000.

“What started out as something small has turned into something big, which we’re really proud of,” Mr. O’Meara said. “We hope to swap the safari for something even bigger, like a boat or car.”

Mr. Wright said he was rethinking his future on the back of his 1egg1world experience.

“I’m thinking about changing degrees from architecture to international development. I’ve got some big decisions ahead of me,” he said.