The origins of the 1egg1world Chickens

The 1egg1world ChooksA Perfect Day social Entrepreneurs













Us Chookens moved into the Geelong house as babies. We were so young that we needed lamps to keep us warm for the first few weeks. Our love for the boys was fairly well instant and we had some great times together.

The boys were all studying Architecture and this had some perks. They designed us a wicked A-Frame Chicken Coop which we’d move into as soon as we were old enough.

Guide for building a Chicken Coop

The Boys originally got as Chooks as a bit of an environmental experiment and to save some money by getting our delicious eggs. Turns out it takes baby chickens quite a few months of growing before they can lay eggs so initially it didn’t prove to be a great money saver. The boys joked that the first egg cost them $300 as that’s how much they had spent on Chicken pellets already! Our first egg was really puny so it was a funny joke – we laughed. In the end we will have the last laugh though as we turn that egg into $1million!

Chuck Dickens Famous EggThe beginning of 1egg1world









There is a legend that surrounds the origins of our first egg. You see there was also a Duck named Rupert and as legend has it the Ducky got Clucky with Chicken the Egg known globally as Chuck Dickens was the result.

As the Greatest Egg that ever WAS we decided to sacrifice him as a trade to help others.