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Lotus Elise - 1egg1world 2013 Lotus Elise


Ritchies IGA Who Gives A Crap 1egg1world announces Record Breaking Trade on 774 ABC radio

Cj had a great chat with Jon Faine about our recent and record breaking trade – $50,001 traded with Ritchies IGA who took our 60,000 rolls of Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper. 

Social Enterprise_1egg1world 1egg1world in the Melbourne Leader and Geelong Advertiser

A huge thanks to Toby Prime and Therese Allaoui from the Leader for this terrific article. It was so popular that the Geelong Advertiser also agreed to run the story! Geelong-born 1egg1world trade-up turns chicken egg into 60,000 toilet rolls AMBITIOUS Geelong-born project 1egg1world has turned a humble chicken egg into 60,000 toilet rolls. Three […]

Trading up for Charity 1egg1world in the Mordi Chelsea Leader – $50,001

Charity project on a roll as nest egg grows JOSH O’Meara needs your help to relieve himself of 60,000 toilet rolls. In 2012, with a single egg, Mr O’Meara, of Parkdale, started a small project with some mates to see how far they could “trade up.” The 1egg1world project which aims to raise $1 million […]

Josh O'Meara Trading Up 1egg1world becomes the highest Trader-up’er’ers in history – $50,001

Some thought our previous trade was the end of 1egg1world. Afterall, what is one to do with 60,000 rolls of toilet paper? But we knew – This isn’t just any toilet paper – This is Who Gives A Crap. Going forth boldly we made the trade swapping our $30,000 for the 60,000 rolls, when it […]

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper On the TODAY Show – Million dollar egg!

Three chickens and their three human friends out to prove that even the smallest things can make a difference in this world.   One Egg One World made headlines after managing to turn a single egg into $30,000 dollars, simply by trading up. Now, they’ve hit the $60,000 mark making them closer to their goal […]

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper World News – Thanks Daily Mail!

How three mates plan to raise $1million from a single chicken egg… after seeing a man trade a red paperclip for a HOUSE Melbourne’s Josh O’Meara, Andrew Fincher and Christopher Wright started the 1egg1world campaign The group drew inspiration from a Canadian man who traded a red paper clip for a house When they raise […]

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper 1egg1world is ABC 7pm National News’ Featured Story!

Lisa Tucker – what a Legend! A classic featured story on our recent trade which featured on ABC 7pm News and managed to become National News. We thought we were starting to hit our puns but Lisa gave us a good old fashioned schooling on how the pros do it. Simon from Who Gives A Crap joined […]

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper Trade ABC Breakfast News announce 60,000 Toilet Roll Trade

A Huge thanks to the ABC Breakfast News team and Beverley O’Connor & Paul Kennedy for having us on their show to announce our 60,000 Who Gives A Crap Toilet Roll Trade. A special thanks to Lisa Tucker for not only running our story for ABC’s 7pm National News but also pitching the story to the Breakfast […]

Million Dollar Egg Front Page of MX – Wipe Knights!!

MX first to announce our 60,000 Who Gives a Crap Toilet Roll Trade and Front Page!!! Thanks Lachlan Hastings for the great write up and Eugene Hylands for the photo! WIPE KNIGHTS Trio happy to swap a sheetload for charity Three mates trying to raise $1 million for charity want to cut a deal with […]

Trading up Egg 1egg1world Trades for 60,000 Toilet Rolls #1eggTP launch

Yep it’s true, we just traded $30,000 for 60,000 rolls of Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper! Our goal is to trade up from one egg to $1million for charity and this trade is a big jump in the right direction, the only problem is we don’t yet know what to do with all of […]

Trading up to 100,000 eggs $30,000 Million Dollar Egg – 1egg1world on the TODAY Show celebrating $30,000 Trade

We were thrilled to be invited to talk about our progress on the TODAY Show with the legendary Kyle Stefanovic. Not only did we have a great time discussing ‘Old School,’ ‘Frank the Tank’ and picking up Chicks, but we covered our journey to date and highlighted our ambitions to trade with Richard Branson for […]

Unique Fundraising Idea Trading Up for Charity Josh O'Meara Take5, We’ve got this

This trio wants to turn an egg into $1 million for charity I’ve always wanted to make a difference. I’d devoted my time to heaps of fundraisers over the years, along with my mates Chris and Andrew. While studying architecture at uni, the three of us were sharing a house in Geelong, Vic. And decided […]

Farm Pride Free Range Eggs Ritchies Supermarkets 1egg1world Speaks with Tony McManus on 6PR about the 100,000 Chicken Egg Trade!

We were excited to get a call from Tony McManus from 6PR to discuss our Trading Up initiative and recent Trades. Recently having traded for 100,000 Eggs with Farm Pride and selling these to Ritchies supermarkets, our Trading up had grown steadily from our origins of a single chicken egg. So how did we turn […]

Chickens raising $1million for Charity Live on 612 ABC Radio BrisVegas (Brisbane)

Us Chooks get around, but you knew that. Today we were in BrisVegas, also known to conservative humans as Brisbane. Well we weren’t there literally, but via the phone. Despite not actually being there we got into the BrisVegas mood and did a little chicken dance and shuffle in our new found wealth – $30,000 Cash […]

Trading up Charity 1egg1world media On 774 ABC Radio with Richard Stubbs

                It just so happens that people in media tend to be quite funny and Richard Stubbs is certainly no exception so we loved having an entertaining chat about our progress. Unfortunately this great interview has been lost in the vault of chicken land heaven so you won’t […]

Trading Up 20,000 Free Range Eggs Winning on WINTV – Capturing 100,000 Eggs Trade!

We were lucky enough to have the WIN TV crew on hand to capture our monumental trade with Farm Pride where we traded our $20,000 for 100,000 Free Range Farm Pride Eggs. We went to Farm Prides farm to see to see the chooks and to do our exchange. Our trading up journey began with […]

Mark Dunn Newspaper Article Trading up Charity Eggsellent Work in the Herald Sun!

Once again we’re back in the Herald Sun. This time with our $30,000 trade off the back of our 100,000 free Range Farm eggs! Mark Dunn does a great job covering our story to date and looks to the future with our eyes on a trade with Virgin Galactic for flights to space.

Trading up to $1million for Charity 1egg1world hits Channel 7 News!

We were thrilled to be called by Channel 7 News who were keen to cover our meteoric trading progress. Channel 7 did a great job covering our journey from one single chicken egg to announcing our exciting news of a custom painting by one of Australia’s premier artists and Archibald winner – Craig Ruddy! Cj also announces the […]

Radelaide Radio 1egg talks with 891 ABC RADelaide!

                Always love a visit to Radelaide even if only on the air. Chatting with Sonya Feldhoff we discussed our recent trade of 100,000 Farm Pride Free Range Eggs which was traded to Ritchies IGA Supermarkets for $30,000 Cash. We also discussed our plan to trade with Richard Branson in […]

Trading Up Charity One Egg One World 1egg1world hits Channel 10′s The Circle

We were thrilled to be invited by these beautiful women to discuss our trading up progress on The Circle, which just so happens to be Finchy’s favourite Show. Unfortunately we didn’t get a copy of the footage from our interview but Finchy did get quite emotional discussing how it is in everyone’s heart to do […]

Art Gallery of NSW Announcement Gallery of NSW announces Craig Ruddy’s Portrait an Archibald Finalist

  We are thrilled but not surprised that the Gallery of NSW has announced Craig Ruddy’s powerful portrait of the legendary Cathy Freeman as an Archibald Finalist. We are thrilled to have been responsible for making this great artwork come to fruition by bringing Cathy Freeman and Craig Ruddy together as part of our charitable endeavour […]

Virgin Galactic Flights to Space Get Virgin Laid – A Campaign to Get Richard Branson’s Attention

From early on in the history of 1egg1world we have identified Virgin Galactic Flights to Space as a future trade. We created a cheeky campaign – Get Virgin Laid – to help grab the attention of Richard Branson. Our campaign was successful and our proposal was forwarded by the CEO of Virgin Galactic to Richard […]

MX Recognizes the need to get Virgin Laid MX recognises the need to get Virgin Laid

Well well well! It was only a matter of time before the good people of Melbourne started to stand up and recognize the need to get virgin laid, but how did the MX do it? In one of our stranger photo-shoots, the boys, and lovely Riannon Clancy, manage to strike a pose for the MX. […]

1egg1world Chickens Painting Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better!

Remember we were joking about Craig Ruddy painting Hot Box’s portrait. Yeah we thought it was pretty funny too, until one of Australia’s leading Artists Chris Postle made Hot Box’s dream a reality and not only that captured the whole gang – Trevi and Loco too! I’m not going to lie to you, this is […]

CFF Gallery Fundraiser Craig Ruddy PlanBig Captures our Big Night – The Cathy Freeman Foundation Fundraiser

To Show our Appreciation to Cathy Freeman for being involved with our trade and to unveil our masterpiece portrait by Craig Ruddy, we decided to throw a gallery event and to raise funds for the Cathy Freeman Foundation. We were humbled that some of Australia’s best Artist’s donated Artworks and we managed to raise $28,000 […]

Unique Fundraising Idea Trading Up for Charity Josh O'Meara No fluke, 1egg hits the G- Spot x2

What came first – the million dollars or the egg? Victoria Macdonald discovers how three Geelong men’s quest to raise $1 million for charity began with a humble chook of 1egg. Just a paltry $1 m What came first – the million dollars or the egg? Victoria MacDonald discovers how tree Geelong men’s quest to […]

Trading up to one million dollars l’oeuf est francais (French Magazine)

Well it may have been 6 months ago when we first got an email from a contact in France, however it is finally here. 1Egg for the first time has hit Europe, which is a massive step for us…and even more impressive, its written in english….looks like the french magazine have finally got something right….besides […]

CFF Fundraiser hits the social pages CFF Fundraiser hits the Social Pages

On a night that raised over $30,000 for the Cathy Freeman Foundation (CFF Fundraiser), we also managed to get some attention from the Herald Sun’s gossip section. But who good blame them, with so many seriously good looking people around.

Cathy in the frame for Charity Cathy in the Frame for Charity

Sure, an article that would have been prime for some real awareness for both the Cathy Freeman Foundation and 1egg1world was used for a slightly different matter. But hey, no news is bad news. Cathy’s in the frame for charity Katherine Firkin and Nathan Mawby She may have been retired from running, but expectant mum […]

Real progress Craig Ruddy Cathy Freeman Josh O'Meara Real Progress – Ruddy painting of Cathy Freeman

PROGRESS LEADER New World Order pecking Order So, what came first? The egg, of course Charity/ Holly McKay IT’S no yoke – this egg could be worth $1million. Hawthorn’s Andrew Fincher and university friends Chris Wright and Josh O’Meara came up with the idea to trade an egg – laid by their pet chook – […]

Josh O'Meara Our time in the Sun – The Herald Sun

With the passing of ‘Hot Box’ still fresh in our minds it was hard to even consider doing a photo shoot for the Saturday Herald Sun….however new lead bird ‘Trevi’ put her wing forward and accepted the challenge. Our biggest surprise however came in the form of the placement of our story. Close to the […]

Live on Triple R Radio 102.7FM The egg live on Triple R Radio. Tune in to 102.7FM

Did you know that Triple R is Australia’s oldest independent Radio Station? Of course you did. That’s why we were so thrilled to travel down to the Triple R Headquarters in Fitzroy and become part of such a rich history. I wonder if they’ve ever had a chook in their studio over all of those years. […]

I think I'm turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese

I THINK IM TURNING JAPANESE, I THINK IM TURNING JAPANESE, I REALLY THINK SO . . Today we are excited to announce that 1egg1world has gone truly global, featuring in an international magazine. Highlighting the potential of the internet to help spread a good idea. I think this is just the beginning for 1egg1world and […]

RIP Hotbox RIP Hotbox – A Eulogy

As with the loss of all greats before, from JFK and Elvis to John Lennon, the Loss of 1egg2world’s enigmatic chook; Hot Box has rocked the globe and will be imbedded in the memories of all. It was a moment when the world stood still and all burned to cry. Thousands packed to Saint Peter’s […]

Environmental Event Fundraiser 1egg1world EnviroWeek |

Once a year our beloved Environmental Charity – Cool Australia has a national event  - EnviroWeek. To celebrate, raise some funds and to help promote we hit the streets and accepted dares in exchange for donations. As you can see a man dressed as a chicken, another as an Egg and the third as EnviroMan is […]

Teaching English in Cambodia Joshy Visits an OrphFund School in Cambodia

I was fortunate enough to see first hand the great work being done by our Poverty and Education Charity – OrphFund, by visiting one of the schools they helped build in Cambodia. The kids were truly amazing – some of the happiest people I’ve ever seen and we had great fun. We spent the day […]

Eddie McGuire Trading Up Charity 1egg1world 1egg1world talks to Triple M Breakfast Show

News spreads fast and while we had travelled to Sydney and only moments away from being on the Morning Show, Triple M called to discuss our latest trade. They gave us some great ideas, some perhaps a little off track, but entertaining none the less. Finchy discusses our latest Trade – An African Safari for […]

Cj from 1egg1world Media Star Cj gets animated on 4BC Southern Cross Radio

                Ceej tears it up 4BC Southern Cross radio! Move over Cane-Toads! Push aside Fire-Ants! Chickens are the newest member of the animal kingdom to sweep across Australia. After already taking over the newspapers of Melbourne and Sydney, 1egg1world hit the airwaves of Brisbane on 4BC’s local drive […]

Million Dollar Charity Larry Emdur Trading Up for Charity on The MORNING Show

I aint gonna lie to you, this was definitely one of our greatest interviews. This video was originally available from the Morning Show’s website but the link has since been removed so you’re just going to have to take my word for it. To put it in perspective, we talked for about 2 or 3 […]

Online Media Social Innovation 1egg1world Features on OPEN FORUM

Charity Social networking Social innovation PHILANTHROPY View original article here Author: Josh O’Meara The master plan: 1 egg + friends + $1 million for charity. 1egg1world is a unique fundraising initiative with the goal of raising $1million for charity through ‘trading-up.’ Starting with just an egg after just 10 trades 1egg1world is well on its way, recently […]

Planbig by Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank 1egg1world Help Launch PlanBig

Early in our progress we were thrilled to be discovered by PlanBig. PlanBig is a social platform where people can post their Big Plans and receive help from a community of followers. We found PlanBig to be instrumental in getting advice and even helping to secure trades. To promote 1egg1world and the great PlanBig Concept we were […]

1egg in Sydney 1egg in Sydney – Sydney Morning Herald Exclusive

So, as you know, we are chickens of many talents. However, we know you wouldn’t have thought that 3 chickens starting a charity would be considered news in the Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘Digital Living’ section… whereas we always knew it was just a matter of time. Simon Tsang’s article delves into origins of 1egg1world and […]

Trading Up Charity on 6PR Ceej Talks with 6PR Perth Radio about our African Safari!

                Hehe Ceej will love this photo of him we chose! The ever so animated Cj spoke with 6PR radio Perth, the town Ceej grew up in about 1egg1world, the concept, the progress, the current trade and our big plans going forward. What a legend!

Africa bound in the leader Africa bound in the Leader

It started with something as small as an egg but now an African safari is on charity’s list Charity / Dimity Barber It was a chicken, not a goose, that laid the golden egg for Parkdale’s Josh O’Meara and Brighton’s Chris Wright. Last year the university mates, together with Hawthorn’s Andrew Fincher, came up with […]

Trading Up to African Safari for Two Hunt for Golden Egg in Bendigo

Cj and Joshy accompanied Hot Box on a trip up to Bendigo this week, proof that word of 1egg’s achievements were spreading far and wide. It was a strenuous journey for all involved, but especially Hot Box, who managed to produce an egg on the journey up. The trip also served as a means of […]

Trading Up Charity - 1egg1world 1egg1world Australia’s Favourite Chicken Charity | PlanBig com au

Social Online Platform PlanBig discovered our Big Plan and loved it so much that they decided to create a fantastic video telling the world of our great idea and journey. PlanBig was a fundamental aid we used in securing our African Safari Trade and gaining great advise.

Josh O'Meara Recognised in The Age Newspaper’s TOP 100 most Influential Melbournians!

Unbelievable! Us chooks do all of the work and these humans (Joshy, Cj and Finchy) take all of the glory, discrimination we tell you! In any regard being recognised as one of the Top 100 most influential people/chickens for Melbourne is a great honour for us and despite not being in the photo, us chookens […]

Seize the Day Trading up Fundraising Idea Charity Coming of Age – in The Age

Photo: Rebecca Hallas Plan Hatched by good eggs Article by: Kylie Northover The Age & SMH THREE Melbourne students are hoping to raise a million dollars for local charities using the age-old technique of trading. The Deakin University architecture students began their mission with a single egg, which they essentially traded, in a matter of […]

Josh O'Meara 1egg1world Front page material! The Progress Leader

Front page material! The Progress Leader It doesn’t get any better for us lil chooks than to be promoted on the front page of any publication, and that’s exactly what happened today when Boroondara’s local Leader Newspaper released their latest edition. We have had an overwhelming response from publications in recent weeks, and this was […]

Great Public Speaking Concept The Egg Crew Speak at Pecha Kucha

  For those who haven’t been or heard of Pecha Kucha, Pecha Kucha is a public speaking concept that is conquering the world. Originally started because the founders were sick of Architects blabbering on forever in public presentations about every small detail, the founders decided that some rules needed to be put in place. Instead of […]

1egg hits the g-spot 1egg hits the G-Spot

1egg hits the G-Spot Us chicks were super excited to head back to our home in G-Town, however not as excited as the boys….maybe because we promised to take them on a tour of the G-Spot….our mistake I guess However through all of this excitement it was business as usual, with the Geelong Independent jumping […]

Josh O'Meara 1egg1world 1egg runs express – MX all the way

1egg runs express – MX all the way We couldn’t believe our eyes one of the boys came up to our coop ans showed us the latest copy of the MX newspaper on Page 5. Amazing news for us chooks, with that particular page normally reserved for the latest goss on Brangelina or Amy Winehouses […]

1egg is on the way 1egg is on the way – in the Leader

We chickens are so proud, for, as of today 1egg1world has made it into the public scope, scoring an article in the Mordialloc-Chelsea Leader. It was great to see both Loco and Hot Box representing the team, along with those crazy kids Cj and Josh. For those who missed the article, this is how it […]

Chuck Dickens Traded up Egg ChuckDickens – The egg who Travelled Around the World

This was a video documenting the travels of Chuck Dickens (our first egg) who journey’s around the world bringing happiness to every person he touched. Despite bringing such joy Chuck Dickens decides that the best way to have a positive impact on the world was to sacrifice himself as a trade, beginning the trade up […]

Baby Chickens Under Lamp for Heat The Very Beginning of Time!

                        Us Chookens moved into the Geelong house as babies. We were so young that we needed lamps to keep us warm for the first few weeks. Our love for the boys was fairly well instant and we had some great times together. The […]