The Charities we are Supporting are:

When choosing the charities who would benefit from our work we thought that it would be best to focus on the three areas that were of most importance to us: Health, Poverty & Education, and the Environment!

It was a difficult task to choose as there are so many fantastic charities, however we had to take a few key features into account, such as:

- We wanted Grass Root charities, run by inspiring leaders who would benefit most from our financial contribution and the media we generated to raise their profile. 

- Were they ready to expand?

- Did they have a strong vision and big plans? 

- And most of all, we wanted our contribution to have the biggest possible impact – so are the efficient in their operations and creating strong results?

We have to admit, it was not an easy task, however on our journeys we happened to come across some amazing people who had great visions. And as a result were able to lock in three most worthy charities : Cool Australia for our Environmental Charity, Maranatha Health for our Health Charity, and OrphFund for our Poverty & Education Charity.

Upon raising $1million, $300,000 will be donated to each of our three selected charities with the remaining 10% used to establish 1egg1world in an on-going manner to ensure we can continue our good work. 

Discover more about our selected Charities or click on their logos to discover from their websites:



Best Charities in the World

Cool Australia was founded by Jason Kimberly out of his own pocket. It is a free online one-stop shop for everything environmental. An avid explorer and photographer he had an eco-epiphany whilst on an Antarctica expedition and has done everything in his power since to save it from melting. The website is easy to follow with information on all of the issues, solutions, inspiring stories and upcoming events. CoolSchools is the pride of the website which is to become part of the school curriculum for years 1-10



Charity Logo

Maranatha Health is an impressive Australian not-for-profit organization led by dynamic duo Kim and Dr. Michael Finlay, revolutionising the Ugandan Health System by empowering communities from the ground up. Maranatha Health have built a major facility where they teach, employ and treat patients. They work closely with the existing Ugandan infrastructure to strengthen weaknesses in the most effective manner, insuring the greatest impact for their work. By empowering locals they establish sustainable solutions to continue bettering the plight of Ugandan Health Care. 



Best Charity in the World

OrphFund is most impressive. Founded by Steve Argent in response to his dissatisfaction of larger charities, many of whom he had worked for. He felt that too much was spent on admin and the money was often ill-directed. OrphFund is driven by passionate volunteers so that 100% of the money goes directly to those in need. OrphFund tackles the needs of orphans and homeless children around the world, providing housing, education and empowering communities by creating greater self-sufficiency


EXTRA 10%Best Charities in the World


We have plans. Very big Plans! It would be a dreaded waste to throw in all of our good work upon reaching our $1million target, the height of our success and media attention. What few realize is that the $1million target was always intended to be just the beginning for us chickens. We’re keeping our beaks closed regarding Masterplan 2.0, but mark this as your official warning, some feathers will be rustled, this is going to be big!