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New World Order pecking Order

So, what came first? The egg, of course

Charity/ Holly McKay

IT’S no yoke – this egg could be worth $1million.

Hawthorn’s Andrew Fincher and university friends Chris Wright and Josh O’Meara came up with the idea to trade an egg – laid by their pet chook – for $1 million.

The project, 1egg1world will donate 90 per cent of its profits to charity and was inspired by Canadian Kyle McDonald, who famously traded one red paperclip for a house via 14 trades in one year.

After two-and-a-half years and just nine trades – they have acquired a masterpiece, an original portrait of Cathy Freeman by Archibald – winning artist Craig Ruddy.

Mr. Fincher said Ruddy offered to paint the portrait in exchange for the African safari tickets they had.

“He offered us to choose something or someone for him to paint,” Mr. Fincher said, “We joked about the possibility of Cathy Freeman, we asked her and she was keen.  The rest is history.”

The 23-year old said the latest trade had “been a dream come true “.  “This original painting is a monumental leap for our cause and helps us to get closer to our goal,” he said.

Ruddy said, “I love the 1egg1world initiative and was excited to get involved.

The trades started with a single egg which was traded for a CD, which was then swapped for a board game and then a Lonely Planet Guide.

The book was exchanged for a digital camera, which was traded for a 1988 Toyota Camry, to a signed Sir Donald Bradman cricket bat valued at $2200, which was then swapped for an African safari.

Mr. Fincher said the group was hoping to trade the painting for a couple of Virgin Galactic tickets to the moon, valued at $200,000 each.