It all begun in the G-Town


A Perfect Day social Entrepreneurs

Cj, Joshy and Finchy all met while studying Architecture in Geelong, VIC, Australia. In 3rd year they moved in together and eventually realised that what the house needed was three chickens.

“Born on the wrong side of the tracks, we spent our days watching trains and thinking about the big world, all of the different people and the endless opportunities. Our lives were consumed by three things – Trains, Nightlife and trying to make a difference. We became inseparable with the boys-Joshy, Cj and Finchy from day 1, we’ve always taken them under our wing. Whilst



Geelong was both great for Trains and Nightlife, but as we got older and wiser we decided to prioritise ‘making a difference ‘ so we moved to Melbourne where there were more people to help us.


The Early History of 1egg1world


We were so obsessed by Trains that that is where our names came from :)

And then there was the Duck – Hubert! Although, somewhat of an outcast, Hubert actually played a critical role in the formation of 1egg1world. As legend has it, a chicken got clucky with a ducky and the result was Chuck Dickens – The Greatest Egg That EVER WAS!!!! And so 1egg1world was born.

The ugly duckling - HubbieThe beginning of 1egg1world










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