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Trio happy to swap a sheetload for charity

Three mates trying to raise $1 million for charity want to cut a deal with someone needing a shitload of toilet paper.

Josh O’Meara, 28, Chris Wright, 26, and Andrew Fincher, 26, from Melbourne, got the toilet paper after amassing $30,000 from making 12 trades.

The first “trade up” item was an egg that they swapped for a soundtrack ­album from the movie Coneheads.

Traded items since then have ­included a 1988 Toyota Camry, a cricket bat signed by Sir Donald Bradman, and an Africa safari plus two sums of cash.

Now they want to relieve themselves of 60,000 double-length toilet rolls they got for $30,000 from Melbourne social enterprise Who Gives A Crap?

“It will definitely be interesting. It’s obviously quite a unique item and a massive quantity,” O’Meara told mX.

“It’s really just a matter of finding someone big enough who could handle 60,000 rolls of toilet paper. Hopefully we can find someone.”

The trio have quite a few squares to spare, with their 60 pallets of bog roll said to contain enough squares to reach the edge of space 24 times over.

It’s not just Doomsday Preppers who might want to roll up, with building companies, cleaning firms and supermarkets among those who may be interested.

The trio, who call their project 1egg1world, hope they’re only a handful of trades away from securing a Virgin Galactic space flight and their eventual $1 million goal.

The beneficiaries would be Cool Australia, The Moringa Project and OrphFund, which are environmental, health, and poverty and educational charities respectively.

Who Gives A Crap? founder Simon Griffiths said he hoped a retailer would be found who could “sell our product on an ongoing basis” as well as taking the 60,000 rolls.

The social enterprise hands half of its profits to charity WaterAid, which builds toilets and improves sanitation in the developing world.

Anyone interested in the toilet paper can contact the guys via 1egg1world.org

1egg1world Who Gives A Crap Trade
Toilet paper king Josh O’Meara has come a long way since the days of the humble egg. Picture: EUGENE HYLAND. Source: NEWS CORP AUSTRALIA Source: News Corp Australia