Trio Shell out cents to trade up to a million

Virgin Galactic Trade Up




Article by: Mark Dunn
Photo by: David Caird

TURNING a single egg into $1 million for charity is the ambitious goal of a trio of Melbourne friends, but it is gaining traction and attention from as far afield as Sir Richard Branson.


  1.  One egg
  2. Coneheads 1993 Soundtrack (CD)
  3. Boggle (Board game)
  4. Lonely Planet Guide to Europe (Book)
  5. Olympus Camera & an Islamic Alarm Clock
  6. 1988 Toyota Camry
  7. $500 (the car just made it to the wreckers, but had a new radiator, so got a little back)
  8. Signed Sir Donald Bradman Cricket Bat
  9. $2200
  10. African Safari for two (including Flights)
  11. Craig Ruddy exclusive portrait of Cathy Freeman
  12. Auctioned for $23,500, minus the Buyer’s Premium left us with $20,000
  13. Negotiating a trade with the $20,000 for 100,000 eggs to be purchased by Ritchies IGA Supermarkets ($30,000)

Creative consultant Joshua O’Meara said the idea of using a solitary egg to “trade up” has already turned the simple egg – valued at just 40 cents – into $30,000 in just 13 trades.

The 1egg1world initiative has seen the egg exchanged first for a cheap CD, then a board game and later on to a clapped-out Toyota which fetched $500 at a local wrecker’s yard after just making the distance.

The money was then traded for a Sir Donald Bradman signed cricket bat, on to a Cathy Freeman signed portrait, then an African safari tour with flights. Currently, deals are in place – perhaps ironically – to trade the current value for 125,000 Farm Pride eggs – 18 pallets worth – to be purchased by Ritchies Supermarkets in a deal which will net approximately $40,000.

Through his marketing group Beetle Creative, Mr O’Meara has been in contact with Sir Richard’s office about the potential to trade for a seat on one of his Virgin Galactic space flights when the value increases.

“The project seems to be taking off and our latest trade is fairly humorous,” Mr O’Meara, 26, said.

“We’ll be only a trade or two away from a flight to space on Virgin Galactic, which we’ve tentatively penciled in after getting in touch with Richard Branson’s personal assistant who loves what we’re doing.

Farm Pride has actually agreed to brand the eggs for us as well, which we’re pretty excited about and they’ll be available to purchase through Ritchies Victorian stores if people want to be part of the action,” he said.

Josh and his university mates, Chris Wright and Andrew Fincher, both 24, began the project 18 months ago after taking inspiration from a Canadian man who traded one red paper clip all the way up to a house.

The trio hope to reach the magic million dollar mark in another five to 10 trades.

The money will be split between environmental charity Cool Australia, third-world health clinic provider Traditional Health Care, and child poverty group Orphfund, with 10 per cent going to the group’s future endeavours.

A huge Thanks to Mark Dunn from the Herald Sun for such a cracking (pardon the pun) article. This Article was so brilliant that it lead to TV interviews on the TODAY Show, WIN TV and radio interviews 6PR, 891 ABC Adelaide, 612 ABC Brisbane, 774 ABC Melbourne as well as a Magazine Article in TAKE5 as well as dozens of offers for our next trade!