Environmental Ambassador & Events Manager

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I’m so hot right now!  At least my friends think so!  That’s why they named me after the term for an excessively hot axel bearing on a train!  I also have a real hot box!  Check out the pic, see for yourself! I’m not shy, I love to party and I love to dance.

I am the ENVIRONMENTAL & EVENTS AMBASSADOR of the group.  I will focus on researching environmental charities and new and innovative technologies that will reduce the impact that we are having on this wonderful world.  I will also be the organiser of fundraising events.  Australia is very hot for us chickens and whilst I like it hot its getting a little too hot if you know what I mean, Its time we all learn to chill a bit.

I like beer but doing my bit choose only of the local variety to help reduce the energy needed in transportation.  Cos some beer even comes all the way from Loco”s country in Mexico which he says is very far away.  I believe we can all party just as hard at the same time as reducing our environmental impacts…. We can even help the world while getting crazy!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want an interview.

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