Ambassador of Nothing Much

Hubert the depressed Duck

The beginning of 1egg1world













I am Hubert.  I am a bit of a loner but I live near the Chickens and I think they might be my friends one day, if a keep persisting.  I have always wanted to be like others.  I originally pretended to be a chicken, wearing a crown but they always knew I was different.  One time I even dyed my feathers brown but I was allergic to the dye and it made me itchy for weeks.  I try to forage through the dirt like they do but my broad beak only fills with mud.

They are a great bunch of chicks with some awesome aspirations to help the world.  They are so generous to be giving away Chuck Dickens to the cause, I was very upset about this at first.  I was very attached to that little guy because I played a big part in his existence if you know what I mean…  I won’t elaborate because it’s a touchy subject for the chickens but the egg is unique as the name suggests.