I was fortunate enough to see first hand the great work being done by our Poverty and Education Charity – OrphFund, by visiting one of the schools they helped build in Cambodia. The kids were truly amazing – some of the happiest people I’ve ever seen and we had great fun. We spent the day teaching English to the children and living with a local family. I made an instant impression on the kids with my terrible imitation of a Kangaroo and my drawings of animals which they had to guess in English. Overall, the whole experience really inspired me to work harder on 1egg1world to ensure that it’s a great success so more kids receive the same opportunity that OrphFund provided for these lucky kids. It was a humbling experience that people with such modest material wealth could be so happy and generous.

Teaching English in Cambodia 1egg1worldTeaching English In CambodiaJosh O'Meara 1egg1worldOrphFund School, CambodiaTeaching English in Cambodia1egg1world in Cambodia
OrphFund School in Cambodia Teaching English
1egg1world visits Cambodia

OrphFund is 100% volunteer so all of your donation goes directly to the cause. To support OrphFund and their great work directly make a donation on their website – www.orphfund.org