Poverty & Education Ambassador

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(Read this with a Mexican accent)

I craaazy chick!  My friends say I’m a Liddle Loco! But I do mind! I like it so much, is my name now!  And also is short for La Locomotive!  I Love dem!

I am single too:  I like guys who watch a lotta football and go out wid da boys, this is good thing!  If I no get flowers, no like “Oh poor me I no get flowers…” this is so silly.  I no they sometimes to go to the striptease, but is ok, I no jealous… he can do whatever he wants, I mean I don care :D

I was born in Mexico and experienced a lotta poverty and hardship when I was growing up.  Around five years ago my parents and I left the country and travelled across the world to Australia.  With my new, prosperous life I have a desire to improve the lives of those living in poverty and hardship thoughout the world.  Australia is a country very much green with so many smart and friendly people.  Since arriving here I have learnt a lot, particularly due to my friend Trevithick.  Until arriving here I had very little education.  I believe it is very important that everyone has a good education to help crack their full potential.  Hence I am also de Ambassador of Education.

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