one_million_dollar_eggWell it may have been 6 months ago when we first got an email from a contact in France, however it is finally here. 1Egg for the first time has hit Europe, which is a massive step for us…and even more impressive, its written in english….looks like the french magazine have finally got something right….besides bread, we do love their bread.


Three Australian university students are trying to exchange an egg for a million dollars!

They were inspired by the example of Kyle McDonald, a Canadian.

In 2005, as an experiment, Kyle offered to exchange a red paperclip for something else on the internet. In a year, he made 14 successive exchanges, and in the end he had a house in Saskatchewan!


CJ, Josh and Finchy wondered if they could use the same idea to make money for charity. They started in 2010 with an egg produced by one of the chickens in their garden in Melbourne. They called their project 1Egg1World and decided on an objective of 1 million Australian dollars (744,00 euros). They exchanged the egg for a CD, then a game, then a book, a digital camera and an alarm clock, a car, an autographed cricket bat, an African safari holiday… and now a portrait painted by Craig ruddy, one of Australia’s best painters.

Ruddy promised to do a portrait of Cathy Freeman, the Aboriginal sprinter and Olympic gold medalist, who is an Australian icon. When they were waiting for the portrait, the 1Egg boys weren’t doing nothing. They decided to organize a gallery opening to show the portrait and make money for Freeman’s charity for Aboriginal children!

“This is just the start for us, and we have really, really big plans,“ says C.J. “We’re trying to inspire people as well – show people you can start out small.”

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