Savvy students turn poultry sum into $1 million


With the passing of ‘Hot Box’ still fresh in our minds it was hard to even consider doing a photo shoot for the Saturday Herald Sun….however new lead bird ‘Trevi’ put her wing forward and accepted the challenge. Our biggest surprise however came in the form of the placement of our story. Close to the front and a full 3/4 page spread…not to shabby for a couple of chicks and an egg :)

Author: Nathan Mawby
Photograph: Bruce Magilton

The Herald Sun

WHY did the chicken cross the road? To pick up a $1 million cheque.

Andrew Fincher, Chris Wright and Josh O’Meara hatched the idea after hearing the red paper clip story, which tells how an American man used the internet to trade up from a red paper clip to a house.

“We heard about the guy who traded a red paper clip for a house, so we decided to go big,” Mr Fincher said.

They’ve been trading since January last year, when their egg was laid, and it hasn’t always gone to plan, with the boys forced to reject items from breast implants to train carriages. But their latest trade has been a real coup.

Archibald Prize-winning artist Craig Ruddy has agreed to trade the boys an original painting in return for a $10,000 African safari.

Mr Ruddy said that when he saw the Safari and what the boys were trying to achieve, he had to make the offer.

The award-winning artist’s paintings usually sell for between $15,000-$40,000.

“I believe the safari is valued at about $10,000, so I definitely want to double that,” he said.

It’s hardly a paltry sum and will push the project, entitled 1egg1world, well past the realms of a conventional chook raffle.

And it takes them a step closer to their ultimate goal.

“We’re trying to get in touch with Richard Branson for a flight in space,” Mr Fincher said.

“If someone sees (the painting) and thinks it’s worth a sports car or a boat, then we’d love to talk to them.”

So far, the only setback has been the loss of the chicken who laid the golden egg, Hot Box, to a fox on Tuesday night.

Back-up bird Trevi has taken over on the team’s website at

The $1 million haul, if reached, will be split between charities Cool Australia, The Moringa Project and OrphFund.