R.I.P HOT BOX…a tribute

RIP HotboxAs with the loss of all greats before, from JFK and Elvis to John Lennon, the Loss of 1egg2world’s enigmatic chook; Hot Box has rocked the globe and will be imbedded in the St. peters squarememories of all. It was a moment when the world stood still and all burned to cry. Thousands packed to Saint Peter’s square to mourn the magical life of Hot Box, followed by a private ceremony.

Taken before her time, achieving far greater than her years Hot Box was tragically taken in the middle of the night by ‘the Fox.’ Family and friends of Hot Box have urged the public not to rPrivate Ceremonyetaliate in vengeance, but rather act in accordance to the life lived by Hot Box. “The Fox” remains on the Loose and police have advised the violator to turn himself in for the interest of his own safety.

It has even come to our attention that fellow members of the bird family, the eagles, have taken it upon themselves to slowly claw the life out of any foxes found in the vicinity. (1egg1world does not in anyway condone this kind of behavior…we much prefer the fox was neutralised as quickly as possible)

Although nothing could quite replace the pain of Get_The_Foxsuch an enormous loss, the remaining 1egg1world chickens say that the tragic loss has brought them closer together and their goal of raising $1million will be a tribute to their late friend. The 1egg1world community would also like to thank Beaumaris Primary

Dear Josh, CJ and Fincher,

Sorry to hear about Hot Box. She was a great little Chicken. I hope Chuck Dickens turns out just as great as Hot Box!

From Tiffany

Eagle_Take_The_FoxDear Josh, CJ and Fincher,

I’m sorry to hear that Hotbox died, however I have heard that your latest trade, a Craig Ruddy painting is going to be great, I suggest that you ask Craig to paint a nice water colour painting.

From Charlotte

To commemorate Hot Box the city of Dalat, Vietnam has erected a 40 ft statue. Letter_To_Josh_CJ_and_FincherHuge_Chicken_Monument_1Egg_1World