The Social Entrepreneurs behind 1egg1world

Our human friends met whilst studying Architecture at Deakin University in Geelong.  They became room mates and adopted us chickens in their third year.  We now live at Josh’s house in Melbourne.

Josh O'Meara Trading Up










Joshy, with Cj co-founded 1egg1world. Beyond 1egg1world Joshy is the Creative Director and owner of a leading Design Studio based in Melbourne called Beetle Creative.  Josh is also the co-owner of Otway Treehouse Escape, returning to his expertise in Architecture and his interest in nature, travel and adventure. With his partner Linda, he lives in Florence for 4 months every year. Following 1egg1world Josh plans to launch Binowee – an online platform which he believes will have a profound and positive influence on the world. He enjoys long walks on the beach and Serenading Chicks (chickens).












Cj is working at an Architecture firm ACRD in Brighton, Melbourne.  He’s also got a social enterprise project that he is developing and is also part of the Binowee Project partnering with Josh. Ceej has a supernatural leap and has been known to out-jump the Masaii Mara Tribesmen. Cj has worked for a plethora of charities and has volunteered in Africa. One of the major Charities Cj has worked with is World Youth International where he was a leader and helped with a lot of their design work.


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Finchy completed his Masters of Architecture and now works at Grocon and is known within the industry as the Document Whisperer. Highlights in his 1egg1world career include being called the Finchmeister by Larry Emdur and Frank the Tank by Kyle Stefanovic. An early room-mate of Joshy & Cj, he was once overheard saying 1egg would never last & never work, but once he realised it’s potential quickly changed his mind jumping on board and helped to build the original website. Finchy has moved to Sydney for work.