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Trading Up Charity 1egg1world

This trio wants to turn an egg into $1 million for charity

I’ve always wanted to make a difference.

I’d devoted my time to heaps of fundraisers over the years, along with my mates Chris and Andrew.

While studying architecture at uni, the three of us were sharing a house in Geelong, Vic. And decided we wanted a new challenge.

We talked about how, years earlier, Canadian Kyle MacDonald made headlines when he bartered a red paperclip on the internet all the way up to a house.

“Maybe we could do something similar,” I said.

We had some chooks at home and we’d been treasuring the shell of the first egg laid. “ Let’s start with the egg ,” I suggested.

So we started up our project: 1egg1world.

Our goal was to trade the egg until we reached $1 million.  We’d then donate the money to three charities – environmental charity Cool Australia, health-clinic provider Traditional Healthcare and child poverty group Orphfund.

We designed a logo, built a blog and a Facebook page.

“Let’s start trading!” I said.

I was rapt when a friend traded his Coneheads movie soundtrack for the egg.

Over the following months. We traded an Olympus camera, a 1988 Toyota Camry and a signed Sir Donald Bradman cricket bat that sold for $2200.

We couldn’t believe it when we traded up for a portrait of Cathy Freeman by Archibald Prize winner Craig Ruddy.

“The $1 million is really in reach now,” Chris said.

The painting sold for a whopping $20,000.

Now we’re in negotiations with Farm Pride, one of Australia’s biggest egg companies.  For our $20,000 they’ve agreed to brand and sell 100,000 eggs.  That’ll take us to $30,000 in 13 trades.

Our sights are set on space flights on Sir Richard Branson’s new Virgin Galactic.

Trading up takes time, but by starting small, we can all make a big difference.

Josh O’Meara, 26, Parkdale, Vic.


In our first Australian magazine appearance.  Take5 did a great article on our recent progress.