Chuck Dickens the Greatest Egg there ever was Humble Beginnings

One egg (Chuck Dickens)

Coneheads movie Soundtrack Trading up FIRST TRADE

Chuck Dickens (Egg) for Conehead Soundtrack (CD)

Bartering to Boggle the best game in the world SECOND TRADE

Conehead Soundtrack (CD) for Boggle (Board Game)

Lonely Planet Guide to Europe Traded up THIRD TRADE

Boggle for Lonely Planet’s Guide to Europe (Book)

Trade 5 Nikon Camera and Islamic Alarm Clock FOURTH TRADE

Lonely Planet’s Guide for Camera and Alarm Clock

Bartering to a Car Toyota Trade 5 FIFTH TRADE

Camera and Alarm Clock for 1988 Toyota Camry

Don Bradman Australian Cricketer Trade Up SIXTH TRADE

$500 for a Signed Sir Donald Cricket Bat

Barter Charity 1egg1world $2,200 SEVENTH TRADE

Signed Sir Donald Bradman Bat for $2,200 cheque

Africa's Big 5 and a Chicken EIGHTH TRADE

$2,200 for 14 day African Safari for 2 (icl. flights)

Trading up Fundraiser Cathy Freeman Painting NINTH TRADE

Safari for Craig Ruddy portrait of Cathy Freeman

Hens playing in Cash 1egg1world TENTH TRADE

Cathy Freeman portrait for $20,000 Cash

Trading up to one hundred thousand eggs trade 12 ELEVENTH TRADE

$20,000 for 100,000 Farm Pride free range eggs

Ritchies where the Community Benefits TWELTH TRADE

$30,000 CASH!!!! (Ritchies Supermarkets)

Trading Up to Toilet Paper THIRTEENTH TRADE

60,000 Rolls of double length Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper!

Trading up fundraising idea FOURTEENTH TRADE

$50,001 Cash from Ritchies IGA for the toilet paper