$ 2,200 for an African Safrai for Two

Boogle Sorrounded with Australian DollarIn the Eighth Trade, a huge week for 1egg1world has secured another trade! We know you will be as delightfully eggcited at this eggselent offer as we are. It’s so great! (a warning, please eggscuse us, this trade write-up will be littered with eggy words, inspired by the fantastic humour of Jessica Sain, our new friend and supporter. We’re not making fun of her, we eggtually think it’s hilarious).

We we’re thinking of ways to increase the value of $2200. We discovered that $1AU dollar is worth millions in many different countries, technically, according to the Vietnamese, we already have well and truly Boggle with the Animalsreached the million dollar goal, to be exact we have 44 million Dong, now that’s a lot of Dong!

The guys on the Triple M morning show suggested we take an eggscursion to Kenya ourselves, we have always wanted to meet all the big African animals, so we did think about it, then we realized us chooks make for a vulnerable prey at the best of times, and decided not to put ourselves in any more danger.

The only thing left now, was to secure some cheap flights, then work out how much was left to spend on a Safari for two! Following on from our latest tradeBoogle with the toll and priority and Bendigo Travel of $2200 for the Donald Bradman bat, (which we miss so dearly!), we discovered an amazing new networking website: www.planbig.com.au which has been a huge reason for the succeggs of this trade coming to fruition, or eggyition (not such a good eggy word that one, but worth a shot). We posted on PlanBig that we needed cheap flights for the trade, and a lovely woman by the name Jeannette Miller (who is eggtually the creator of this fanteggstic new website) posted that she would call around and see what she could do. Here’s what she came back with:

“Hi Guys, great news, thanks to Boggle Bendigothe generosity of Toll Priority and Bendigo Travel Centre the flights are sorted! Both companies were enthusiastic about supporting such a great plan and contributing to PlanBig. So on with the next trade.”

Our eggstacy about this news was somewhat huge, but not eggsessive, every bit of eggcitement was justified. We’re just glad our coop was not near anybody at the time, disturbance would have been the result, and people may have been tempted toegg us… An EGGNORMOUS thanks go out to Toll Priority and Bendigo Travel Centre for their amazing generosityAfrica Two People For Fourteen Days

So that leaves us with our latest item


This trip covers the best of Kenya and Uganda. Highlights includes Maasaimara game reserve, Lake Naivasha, Lake Baringo, Eldoret, Malaba, River Nile Rafting, Mambira Forest and Kampala. So, our loyal friends, are you interested? Or do you know somebody who might be? Offer us a trade! The trade might be a day with a celebrity, professional services like a recording contract or accountancy services. A car, boat or caravan. You might choose to take the African Safari with your partner and continue travelling for the year opening your house to be traded for
a years rent. Essentially the possibilities are


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