Boggle for Lonely Planet’s Guide to Europe

Boogle Was A Favourite Childhood GameToday we headed back to the beautiful Melbourne suburb of Parkdale, to visit the roommate of Rob and Jamie; Nick! For the previous trade we made with the household, Nick unfortunately was not home. This third trade after hearing what his mates had been up to he instantly got hooked onto the ‘1egg1world’ website, and vowed to keep up to date with it until he found something he would like to offer a trade for to acquire , however he never thought ot would occur so soon!

See, our previous item, boggle was a favourite childhood game of his, he even took his own to Denmark with him, where he was living for a year. As it happens, he actually left his Nick Offered Us A Lonely Planet Guide To Europeboggle set in Denmark, and decided he better trade for it, he instantly knew what he would trade. Loco visited the boys, and our extra special friends even let her hang around for a while, have some tea, and check out the house! Da trade offer from Nick entise me especially, I was a liddle stubborn to move on from da boggle. I did no mention earlier, but boggle remind me of a special place where I use to travel when I lived in South America, Bogle, in Missouri. But Nick offered us a Lonely Planet guide to Europe! Whadda fantastic offer! Id’ll be a fantastic way for me to move on, study the other side of the world I never been to, who knows, one day maybe we can go there! I know nick’ll love da boggle! Is his favourite! And he will win lots cos he has some knew vocab after hangin out wid me! And we have so many young friends who are planning to Boogle Remind Me Of A Special Placetravel, we know someone will offer us a good trade for da europe guide!!!

Boogle Europe


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