Coneheads Soundtrack for Boggle

Lou Came to Accept Our Peckish WaysWhilst parting with the Coneheads 1993 CD nearly tore our little chicken breasts apart, the second trade became far too appealing to pass and became a good excuse to make some cool new friends.

It was a muggy day, one you might expect in sunny old Melbourne town. Our arrival initially brought some anxious moments as Lou came to accept our peckish ways, but we soon became like two hens in a pen. ‘Pies’ on the other hand Loved us from the word go. We could instantly relate to the pain suffered earlier by Rob and Jamie when parting with the Coneheads 1993 CD Conehead Soundtracks Unquestionably The Greatestunquestionably the greatest album likely to ever exist. We were quickly relieved to observe that our little baby had gone to a good home, as Pies wasted no time to become acquainted with his new acquisition. As for Boggle who could

resist? We are modest when it comes to claims, but like the album this is quite clearly the greatest of its kind and a must have board game for all humans and chicken alike. Once the trade was completed we discovered that the Boggle actually belonged to Pies’ sister. So Julie if you’re out there and want your beloved Boggle back, you know where to find us. Maybe you could even trade something Boogle_Belonged_To_Piesof Pies’, it’s perfect!

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