Boggle Post CardOk so we’re still a touch away from the $1mill, but the story would look a lot different if we moved countries. Loco did some research and discovered that there are at least 12 countries where we would now officially be considered millionaires—Wooooooooohhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! We did it!!!!

In the Tenth Trade, we never said it had to be in Australian dollars hehe. Oh no wait we did, bugger hehe, just kidding, things are still on target, fear not. We can Ghana Iceland Post Cardalways dream – but in the meantime lets take a few moments to bath in the glory or being millionaires in Venezuela, South Korea, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iceland, Hungry (that reminds me), Ghana, Columbia, Chili (yes please), Japan and Sri Lanka. Next on our list AUSTRALIA!

So we currently have $20,000 Cashoola, yummy isn’t it? Maybe you could make us an offer for the next trade

How the money came about –

Craig Ruddy as you all know did an absolute masterpiece for us of the legendary Cathy Freeman. We can safely say that this trade was the first instance of us not trading up, the painting went for an absolute steal, Loco’s still clucking mad. It proved to be a bit of a niche item and the economy still a little shaky, the contemporary art market slowed. Boggle Raining DollarsWe therefore had some trouble finding an appropriate trade. Some time had passed so we decided to take it to auction and try our luck. As the saying goes – every chicken has its day, or was it dog? Damn it, the omen was a lie – it all makes sense now. All chickens officially apologise to Craig Ruddy for not doing a better job to raise more for his painting. But the act must go on and we find ourselves with $20,000 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS. I seems our egg is beginning to reach it’s potential






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