Chuck Dickens for Coneheads Soundtrack

The Greatest Egg There Ever WasOur first trade was to become very difficult, as Chuck Dickens is quite evidently the greatest thing to have ever entered this world. With the exception of nothing! We had to reject a few offers. One guy even offered a red paperclip. Naturally we took offence to this, I mean honestly, what in the world could we get with a paperclip? Chuck Dickens is of gloriousness variety. Our luck was to quickly change when two nice fellows from Parkdale, Melbourne offered us something of true value. It was clearly not a light hearted decision for Rob and Jamie who ached to part with the album that revolutionised the music world forever (recently voted as the number one Conehead_Soundtracksalbum in history by the Rolling Stones, see pic,) but after all, we were in the presence of Chuck Dickens, and he had a profound effect on the boys.

The sheer delight of the transaction was clear for all to see, radiating from the two boys faces. As an added bonus Rob got quite close to Hot Box, dare I say, to the envy of all mankind. So now we have the greatest album ever made, the ‘Music from the Motion Picture Coneheads.’ Being the greatest album of all time obviously made it an attractive option but there was something else that just made it seem right, to some degree it reminded us of the great Chuck Dickens.

Songs from the Film Coneheads










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