100,000 Farm Pride Free Range Eggs

Egg_TradeIn the Eleventh Trade, starting with just one egg, we thought it was fitting to return to our origins – trading the $20,000 back to eggs, afterall what better measure could there be to highlight our progress? So how many eggs can you get for $20,000? Well at a supermarket you could get 40,000 free range eggs for $20,000. But us chooks are well connected and we have some insiders at Farm Pride so we got chatting and were ecstatic by their support for our cause. Our friends at Farm Pride (people and chooks) got together and calculated that they could give us a whopping 100,000 eggs!!!!!!! This is equivalent to over 15 palettes of eggs. This got us thinking, if we can turn one egg into 100,000 eggs, we might just be able to turn chicken-reproductive-system100,000 eggs into 10 billion eggs (also known as world domination).

A growth of 100,000 times is proof that our concept is working, but we couldn’t achieve this alone (refer to Masterplan1.0 on our homepage). So how many chooks does it take produce 100,000 eggs? Healthy Free Range chooks like us produce around 300 eggs per year. So it requires 333.33 chooks over a year to produce as many eggs (you should take a leaf from how productive we are). 300 eggs is equivalent to 17.5kg, which means we produce Best Eggs in the Worldalmost 6 times our own body weight per year producing eggs. Obviously for our cause we couldn’t wait a year to produce the eggs so we got our brigade of 15,000 chooks on the Farm Pride’s Farm just past Bendigo to get to work and show the world how it is done. The girls are producing these eggs as we speak.   Check Farm Pride Free Range Eggsthem out in action:


Ian and Sarah at Farm Pride have also been king enough to brand the eggs as 1eg1world eggs, which means that you can find the eggs and be involved in our latest trade! Now what to do with 100,000 eggs…..?

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