Lonely Planet for a camera and Alarm Clock

The Fourth Trade, Trevithick Dick here for duty and what a lovely trading day it was for us chickens in the region of the Hawk, Hawthorn. We met a delightful young fellow known to his good friends as FINCHY! We clucked together immediately and he showed me his best impression of Elvis, come to think of it maybe that was his way of proposing, he was singing the “ Hawaiian Wedding Song”? Eitherway we had a great old time and he was rather charming.

He Showed Me The More Sensitive Side of FinchyWe danced and clucked for hours and when we got tired he showed me the more sensitive side of Finchy. He sat me down on his lap and told me of all the adventures he had planned for his exciting trip to the wonderful world of Europe. I was amazed by all the exciting ideas he had but he confessed that without the Lonely Planet Guide he could not properly plan the trip. As good friends we arranged a trade that would benefit both of us. As a keen photographer Finchy had. A spare camera that he no longer used and it was too large to take travelling with him , so the deal was struck.

Finchy Has Vouged To See The Mosques In Real LifeAs a new found man of the world, Finchy has vouged to see the Mosques in real life, perhaps visiting the Great Mosque in Cordoba, Spain. During our visit Finchy also discovered his love for chickens, so much so that he is considering adopting an orphaned rooster, which would make his once worshipped alarm clock redundant. Finchy has asked us to promise we’ll find them both a good home. So if you love Mosques and want a camera to capture the moment, give us a chirp on…. Perhaps you could even take it to Europe with Finchy.


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