Lotus Elise

Sometimes we need to pinch ourselves to remind us that this isn’t a dream, but it’s official, we have traded-up a single chicken egg into a Lotus Elise!























The Lotus Elise is a pure adrenalin-pumping performance vehicle and it’s so cool that Josh even felt he had to don Sunglasses (something perhaps as rare as people trading up from an egg to a Lotus).









Whilst a notable achievement and one that’s gaining plenty of media attention, this exact car is not new to the spotlight. Cyrus Rafizadeh, who we bought the car from recently made headlines for driving it around the streets of Adelaide wearing a Storm-trooper helmet. The little stunt caught the attention of amazed on-lookers receiving its fair share of laughs but was cut short when the police deemed it dangerous. Cyrus managed to avoid any fines and eventually got his much beloved storm-trooper helmet back.

This is not the first car we’ve had and despite our 1988 Toyota Camry being a ‘bomb,’ it has always been a talking point, especially because we managed to get it in just 5 trades. So for some time we’ve been contemplating returning to a car. Obviously in this case it’s a completely different kettle of fish as whilst we were nervous driving the Camry for fear it would break down, for the Lotus we’ve been nervous driving it because it’s just that good. We were actually pretty lucky finding the car, we discovered a new App called CarSwap, which is right down our alley, where you can offer to swap cars, offer a trade plus cash or offer straight cash. In our case we had cash and when we stumbled across the Lotus we knew that it was the car for us. We put in an offer and to our surprise Cyrus loved what 1egg1world was all about, loved the humour of it, our remarkable journey and that it was for a good cause, so was happy to give us a great deal. Cyrus is a Partner in Adelaide’s Elite Marketing and was impressed by the media we’ve been able to attract with our story. We’ve put the car back up on CarSwap and have already had a few offers, including a 2008 Porsche Cayenne + $20k, which we’re considering. We’ve also had some interest from someone who works at CUB, so who knows maybe we’ll trade for an absurd amount of beer!!!













It’s trades like this that really bring a smile to our faces, to think all of this just started from a single egg and within 15 trades we’ve reached a Lotus Elise, it reminds us that we’re well on our way to our goal. For shear standout, only really Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s surpass a Lotus. Virgin Galactic Flights, which we’ve tentatively pencilled in after receiving positive feedback from Sir Richard Branson’s PA and the CEO of Virgin Galactic now appears within striking distance.


We’ve only had the car for a few days so it’s exciting to already be receiving some interesting offers. Hopefully following this media coverage more offers continue to come our way. So if anyone out there would like to own this awesome adrenalin-pumping performance vehicle and has something they no longer use, want or are having difficulty selling please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re open to ideas, whether it be for another car, a boat, a motorhome, a business or high quantities of a certain product, you name it we’ll consider it.


Click here to discover more about the cars Specifications and click here to make us an offer.













Until the next trade up up and away!

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