$30,000 CASH!!!! (Ritchies IGA)


1egg1world Trade Up 20,000 EggsAt times life can be tough, you might be in a cage or grab a bad worm, but every so often everything just falls into place and when it does you have to make the most of it. We received confirmation of 100,000 eggs from Farm pride and it made our minds 1egg1world 20,000 eggs Trade up Idearun wild.  What could we do with 100,000 eggs…..????????

The worlds biggest omelette?

Sell them individually?

Nope, these ideas were crazy, even for us Chickens!  We decided to approach people who were used to moving lots of eggs – Supermarkets!Ritchies IGA a Great Supermarket for Charity

So we got in touch with our friends at Ritchies IGA and they were instantly keen to be involved.  It’s nice when things go to plan!  We were really excited about this, for obvious reasons, but Ritchies IGA being a local company, who does a huge amount of work for the community, we were particularly excited about this partnership.


But to be honest, our real excitement surrounded the possibility of meeting Fred!


And in our agreement we Best_Supermarket_In_the_Worldarranged to meet Fred during the handover of the $30,000 novelty cheque.  Unfortunately we arrived late for our momentous occasion and Fred had already left!  Luckily Jarod was there to fill in and he’s pretty cool too.

So not only did we get a $30,000 cheque, but we also found the biggest golden egg ever on our way home.

This called for some kung-fu!Kung Fu 1egg1world Josh and Cj

If you want the $30,000 and have something to offer us or have ideas for the money.  Please contact us!

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