Signed Sir Donald Bradman Bat for $2200

In the Seventh Trade, for the first time us chooks need no exaggerations, as like the Coneheads 1993 CD and Boggle, Sir Donald Bradman was unquestionably the greatest, this time we need not joke, ask anyone he’s ‘good, pretty good’ (Richie Beneau). Don won the hearts of all of our fans and offers were flying as high as loco on a Saturday night, but none quite as high as where we valued our Don.

Michael Martin With The ChickenShamoozaling with some of our friends at EarInfoNet it was not long before we were introduced to a friend of theirs, Michael Martin. As this small world would have it Michael just so happens to be the head of the Lord’s Taverners Society in Darwin. The Lord’s Taverners do a great deal of charity work with youth, primarily orientated around cricket. Sharing so many interests we naturally got along like a ‘coop on fire’ and before too long he invited us to speak in front of the society.

Being gifted speakers we chirped the pants of our audience (not literally) and obviously impressed Michael once more, who made us an offer on Sir Donald by which we couldn’t Michael Martin with the Chicken 2refuse, a cheque for $2200. Whist amazing, what sealed the deal was that we knew Don was going to a good home, to a loving man who admired him even more than us. It was difficult to say goodbye to our good friend who had to leave us to go back to Darwin, but we got one last chance to spend some time and as you can see the sun was shining brightly on us that day. Now its just us and a giant cheque (over compensation is amazing!), waiting for the next trade to cross the road…..

Cheque with a Chicken

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