$500 for Signed Bradman Bat

Donald Bradman Cricket BatIn the Sixth Trade, we made so much money from the car that a new friend by the name of Philly O offerd a Signed Sir Donald Bradman Cricket Bat behind a glass cabinet with shiny photo’s and all his big statistics. Loco almost popped out an egg upon hearing this offer as it just so happens that Sir Donald is our most favourite sportsperson in the history of people sport, just in front of Richie Benaud. We chickens recommend you read the following with a Richie Benaud voice for greatest appreciation.

Sir Donald Bradman was quite simply the greatest cricketer, I’ve … ever sheen [short Donald Bradman The Greatest Cricketerpause] and likely to ever shee for that matter. Keith Miller a close second, but Don was number one for me! Ah and what a marvelous piece this is, a.. true piece of Australian memorabilia history. The bat is beautifully presented alongside two photos of Sir Donald.. with a genuine signature and an extensive record of his career.. all

Donald Bradman With The Chicken

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