60,000 Rolls of double length Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper!

60,000 Toilet Rolls Trade UpTrading Up to a Car

As you probably know we’re trying to raise $1million for charity through trading up, but our biggest problem is that we keep pooping on our trades. It’s hard to believe but some people have suggested that this devalues the trades and suggest that this is making our job of trading up more difficult. Surely not. Taking on their advice, when thinking of what to get for our next trade we came up with the perfect solution, why not get a trade which was made to be pooped on ☺.


We had a quick brainstorm and were
Boycott KFCsurprised by how many items fulfilled this criterion. Below is what we came up with:
* Imagery of Colonel Sanders or anything KFC related (he’s the Devil as far as we’re concerned)
*The Hangover 3 DVD (worst film ever made bar none)
*Justin ‘Beibdog’ Beiber (just because)
*Foxes (for the murder of Hotbox – our beloved co-founder chooken friend)

While all of the above certainly had merit in the poop stakes, unfortunately they’re all also worthless, which makes them lousy trades. So it was back to the drawing board.

Trading Up to Toilet Paper 1egg1world


Whilst on the toilet (yes chooks use toilets) it dawned on us that we should trade for Toilet paper, but not just any toilet paper Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper. For some time Who Gives A Crap has been our toilet paper of choice (yes chooks also use toilet paper) so it became an obvious choice for our trade. Not only is the toilet paper made from 100% recycled fibre, but 50% of their profits goes to building toilets in the developing world. This is a major issue with 40% of the world’s population without access to a toilet and proper sanitation, which can be a major cause of disease and even death. It’s shocking isn’t it, in Australia even chooks have access to toilets while a huge proportion of the world’s population goes without. So we decided to sit down for what we believed in and traded our $30,000 for 60,000 double length toilet rolls, or to give that some context it’s enough toilet paper to reach the edge of space 24 times (unrolled).


A crap load of toilet paper


Whilst immensely exciting, reality has set in that we may have led with our hearts as 60,000 toilet rolls is actually quite a lot. For our next trade we either need to find someone who poops a lot or lots of people who poop normally but have a shared asset to offer as a trade. Below are a few names which we’ve identified as potential trades:

  Who would use lots of toilet paper

Again these ideas of ours might be no good. But in all seriousness there is the danger that we could get stuck with 60,000 rolls! So with the help of our human friends we started developing ideas for toilet paper to prove that it is in fact the most versatile product in the world. Below are some of our ideas so far:


Please share this video, send in your ideas and help us to convince someone to trade with us by showing them that WGAC toilet paper is the greatest and most useful product in the world! And don’t forget, sit down for what you believe in and go buy some Who Gives A Crap!

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