Alarm clock for a 1988 Toyota Camry

Meet Our Latest Friend Jim CroweIn the Fifth Trade, meet our latest friend, Jim Crowe (brother of the famous Thomas Crowe)! It must briefly be outlined, prior to any explanation of the latest trade, that this man, we’re privileged to know. It is not so very often that you meet a chap as generous as this. For not only did he take us for a drive in this red 1988 Toyota Camry, which we enjoyed dearly, he gave us the car…for the alarm clock!

You’re interested in the car, let us know asap, because we are planning to push it to the wrecker for some cash pretty soon. If you buy soon, you may be lucky enough to get 1 chicken faeces included.


You are Interested of a CarThree chickens risk their lives in the name of charity, driving their undesirable automobile great lengths for the progress of their charity. The vehicle much loved by the chooks received little love from the chooks fan base. The only resort for the chooks was a visit to the wreckers. After some disgruntled noises, a complete absence of brake lights and one or two stalls the car appropriately number plated OUC! made the long trek.

Finally arriving to the wreckers we were lucky enough to get $500 for the metal and the fact that the car had a new radiator. It was an emotional moment for the chooks as the ‘tenth wonder of the world’ was carried 500 Dollar For The Metalbeyond their grasp and into oblivion or as the chookens prefer to think ‘car heaven.’

Three Chickens Risk Their Lives in The Name of Charity

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