The Morning Show with Larry Emdur

Larry Emdur
1egg1world Trading Up for Charity

Pecha Kucha Presentation - 1egg1world

I aint gonna lie to you, this was definitely one of our greatest interviews. This video was originally available from the Morning Show’s website but the link has since been removed so you’re just going to have to take my word for it. To put it in perspective, we talked for about 2 or 3 minutes and then we thought we went off air. We begun talking all sorts of trollip, to later discover that we were still in fact on air. Larry Emdur (somewhat of an idol of ours) introduced Finchy as ‘The Finchmeister,’ Kylie invited herself to our next party and I (Josh) invited ourselves to come on the show every week. Following the interview I tried to get Larry to sign an egg for us, but a general absence of marker pens interfered with this spontaneous dream. Following the interview Larry did commit his love to 1egg1world by getting a tattoo across his chest. (In case you actually believed that for a moment, this was merely a tatoo in the realm of photoshop land).