Ambassador of Health

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I named myself after Richard Trevithick – the inventor of the world’s first railway locomotive, but you can call me Trevi !  Although I felt myself unworthy to accept his full name, me and my friends came up with a clever alteration!  Dick is short for Richard!  We are so clever :D

I am known as the serious business man of the group, representing the group in important meetings.  As a young lad I was known to keep lookout of our property by perching myself in an orange tree out the front.  Since then, with the help of my fellow chickens, I have learnt to loosen up a little.  I now have a real passion for people.  Everyone deserves to live a healthy and full life.  I am the Health and Mental Health Ambassador of group.  I explore new technologies in medicine and support research on Mental Illness.  This latter interest is a special one because I have learnt a lot about a neighbor, Hubert, the duck.  He use to annoy me because he’s a little challenged.

Sometimes I think he thinks he’s a chicken like us, but he can’t fly and he bumps into everything.  I have got to know him really well, and although the other chicks don’t think so, I think he can be a really nice guy!

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